I’m Olive Von Topp. My mission is to take down the patriarchy, building up one self-loving woman at a time. 


I help women change their negative thoughts, increase their self confidence, stop perfectionist tendencies and people pleasing, set boundaries, and unleash their inner badass.

I empower women to re-ignite the "spark" in their lives.


I use a combination of mindset, mindfulness, and movement to help women start showing up in their lives as their most authentic, sensual, and vibrant selves. You can expect a combination of thought-work, journaling, breath-work, meditation, and dance (including burlesque) while working with me. 

Let me help you explore your deepest thoughts, discover what you truly want in your life, and access the pleasure you deserve.

What is Empowerment Coaching?

Empowerment coaching is a solution-based practice that uses cognitive psychology techniques to help people reach their goals.

Coaching does not spend time analyzing the past, but rather focuses on how to change past thought patterns to help clients make lasting changes in their lives.

Coaches help offer guidance, introspection, and accountability through the change process.

Olive's Clients Say...


"Wow, I was totally blown away by my work with Olive. She is incredibly present and it is clear that she is passionate about the work that she does. I am a Psychotherapist and quite selective in who I choose to help me reach my goals.


Olive impressed me with her insights, her good metaphors to help me better understand what I need to consider and she is totally non-judgmental. With the support of Olive, I am able to enjoy the process of the ups and downs of working on my goals. As a 30th birthday present to myself, I just signed up for 3 months of meetings with Olive and I cannot wait to get started."

K. LaFleur

"I reached out to Olive for coaching shortly after my doctor confirmed I was post-menopausal at the age of 37. This unwelcome change altered how I saw myself, how I experienced sexuality, and how I interpreted my self-worth. During my coaching sessions, Olive took time to understand my struggles, identify barriers, and develop strategies to help me build a healthier relationship with myself and with my partner. She provided a non-judgmental, supportive space, allowing me to openly discuss my progress and often unexpected challenges that came with this type of self-care.


After only 8 coaching sessions with Olive, I feel more confident, sexy, deserving, and worthy, and have gained an entirely new perspective on life. I continue to apply the lessons learned and cannot thank Olive enough for helping me get to this stage of my own self-discovery. If you are considering starting a similar journey I highly suggest working with Olive, your future self will thank you."

Jenn H.

"Olive connects with you and asks really great questions that make you look at your narrative and think outside the box. Because of my work with Olive, I am more confident in my decision making, I am able to love myself more for who I am and to appreciate myself for what I bring to the table.


She helped me navigate some really complicated relationship stuff. I am forever changed due to the work I did with Olive and her continued inspiration and support. What are you waiting for, reach out now and change your life for real!"

Empowerment Coaching Can Help You...

  • Increase confidence & self-worth

  • Prioritize your self-care

  • Experience self-love

  • Identify core desires & reduce ‘people pleasing’

  • Ask for what you need & set and maintain boundaries

  • Love your body

  • Release yourself from denial and embrace pleasure

  • Free yourself from self-doubt, guilt, and shame

  • Take the risks necessary to change your life

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