Are you wanting to access more pleasure in your life?
Are you looking to slow down and practice being more present in your body?
Do you long to feel more alive and tap into your own erotic energy?
Join Empowerment Coach & Burlesque Performer, Olive von Topp,

for this 2-hour on-demand* workshop dedicated to exploring sensuality & connecting with the sensual self as a means of accessing more pleasure in our lives.

Neither sensuality nor pleasure are inherently sexual, though they certainly can be.

This workshop is not specific to sensuality and pleasure in sex, but rather focuses on connecting with your body and senses (sensuality) in an attempt to begin to cultivate more pleasure in your life.

The more we are able to experience pleasure in our day to day lives, the more we become able to experience it in our sexual lives.

Or as Ev'Yan Whitney so aptly states, "by reclaiming and embodying our sensuality we are better able to reclaim and embody our sexuality" - Sensual Self

*This is an on-demand workshop, you will have immediate access to the workshop and recording.

Please note- This workshop is comprised of several parts:

  • Discussion on modern-day relationship with sensuality & pleasure
  • Journal prompts in fillable PDF format
  • Breathing, mindfulness & meditation exercises
  • Loosely guided sensual movement

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